Here is a listing of the diagnostic scripts we used in the book. The entire set is contained in this zip file:

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  1. jithesh says:

    My favourite one is esfc_hit_ratio.sql.. LOL

  2. Wojciech says:


    are there any scripts that create SKEW* tables?

  3. li.f says:

    i want to download the scripts, thanks a lot!!

  4. Vijay Manthena says:


    Can you please include the scripts for test table creation such as skew, skew3 etc.

    Also please make the other scripts mentioned in the listings such as burn_cpu.sql available in the zip file coz it will help us to resimiluate all the examples.


  5. yingfeng says:

    whoami is missing in the zip file.

  6. osborne says:

    snapper should be in the zip now,

    By the way:

    Snapper is maintained by Tanel and the most current version can be found here:

    More information about snapper can be found here:

  7. wilhelm saba says:

    Where is the scrip table_stats.sql used on book ?

  8. wilhelm saba says:


    Where is the table_stats.sql script used on book ?

  9. Muru says:

    Dear Authors,

    It’s great book for Exadata. It’s my plesure to reading it. Thanks for your detailed explantion. There are few of scripts are missing in your zip. can you pls upload them ?. i need snapper.sql ( chap 11) , (chap 12) .


  10. peter says:

    I just downloaded the zip to look at snapper.sql, it is not in the zip.

  11. Manoranjan Dash says:

    snapper.sql is missing from the zip file

  12. jjqing says:

    Found following scripts missing in the zip file, thanks!


  13. Tzur Emzari says:


    @snapper is missing from the zip file.

    Could pls upload the script?

  14. Basil says:

    report_sql_monitor is missing from zip file

    1. osborne says:

      The zip file has been updated with the report_sql_monitor.sql script.

  15. Ravi says:

    Found following scripts missing in the zip file(


    1. admin says:

      Some of these were missing and some were there (I think). I have added the missing files and re=uploaded the zip file. Please let us know if you find any trouble extracting them.

  16. Vishal Gupta says:

    get_compression_type.sql scripts is missing from the zip file.

    1. admin says:

      The zip file has been updated with get_compression_type.sql.

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Script Name Description
as.sql AS is short for Active SQL. This script shows all active SQL statements on the current instance as shown by V$SESSION. Note that you may need to execute it several times to get an idea of whats happening on a system as fast statements may not be “caught” by the this quick and dirty approach.
calibrate_io.sql This script is a provides a simple wrapper for the DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER.CALIBRATE_IO procedure. The procedure  must be run before Oracle will allow you to enable Auto DOP.
check_px.sql This script contains a simple query of V$PX_PROCESS_SYSSTAT to show how many parallel server processes are currently in use.
comp_ratio.sql This is a simple script that computes a compression ratio based on an input value (the original table size).
create_display_raw.sql This script creates the display_raw() function that translates raw data-type values into various other data-types (originally written by Greg Rahn).
dba_tables.sql This is a simple script to query DBA_TABLES. Shows number of rows, number of blocks and default degree of parallelism.
desc.sql This script produces output similar to the SQL*Plus DESCRIBE command.
display_raw.sql This ia a simple script to translate a raw value into a specified data-type format such as NUMBER or VARCHAR2. It depends on the display_raw() function created by the create_display_raw.sql script.
dplan.sql This script shows the actual execution plan for a SQL statement in the shared pool. This is a very simple script that prompts for a SQL_ID and CHILD_NO and then calls dbms_xplan.display_cursor.
dump_block.sql This script dumps a data block to a trace file using ALTER SYSTEM DUMP DATAFILE. It prompts for fileno and blockno.
esfc_hit_ratio.sql Useless script for calculating an incorrect Edxadata Smart Flash Cache hit ratio.
esfc_keep_tables.sql This script displays objects that have the CELL_FLASH_CACHE attribute set to KEEP.
flush_pool.sql This script uses ALTER SYSTEM FLUSH SHARED_POOL to flush all SQL statements from the shared pool.